Do you like food? You must visit Mistura

Mistura Entrance

Have you heard of the gastronomic boom of Peru? Did you know that in the latest edition of the Latin America 50 Best Restaurants awards, Peru won 8 places (including 1st and 2nd place)? And that Gastón Acurio, (our emblem chef), won the award for best chef in Latin America?

Do you want  to come and try Peruvian food? But, where to go? How to try the all the variety of food offered in Peru? There is a place where you can experience all the wonders of Peruvian food, from luxurious restaurants to trucks selling food on the street ……. that place is called, Mistura.

What is Mistura?

Gaston and his friends had the idea to put together all the wonders of Peruvian cuisine at Mistura, a gastronomic fair that takes place every year the first week of September in Lima. For 10 days, over 200 restaurants of all kinds come together to offer an unforgettable experience.

Mistura Map

The adventure begins with an entrance  ticket of S / 25 ($ 9) which entitles you only to enter, once inside, you have to buy your tickets to buy your food, drinks, desserts, etc. The plate of food costs S / 13 ($ 5), excluding the grilled plates, that cost a little more S /. 16 ($ 6) and ceviches and sandwiches cost less S / 10 ($ 3.5).


The fair is organized in worlds where restaurants are grouped according to the type of food they sell, so we have:

  • North World: food from Trujillo, Chiclayo & Piura
  • South World: food from Arequipa, Tacna & Cusco
  • Amazon & Andean World : food from the jungle and the highlands
  • Creole World: traditional creole food
  • Oriental World: Nikkei (fusion of Japanese and Peruvian food) and Chifa (fusion of Chinese and Peruvian food)
  • World of sandwiches: all kinds of sandwiches
  • World of bars: alcoholic beverages
  • World of trucks: selection of the best food trucks of Peru
  • World of liquids: non-alcoholic drinks.
  • World of Beer: a space dedicated solely to this drink.
  • World of ceviche: all kinds of ceviche (raw fish marinated in lemon),

Peruvian Ceviche


World of coals: This part of the fair is the most popular, offering from traditional “anticucho”, to the most innovative ways to cook meats like pork cooked to the stick, to the cylinder or Chinese box. Long lines are formed in these stands in to eat these delicious dishes.

Chancho al Palo

World of sweets: Here are more than 50 representatives of the dessert tradition of our country, from the secret recipes of the convents, passing through the traditional grandmother’s desserts, until the modern cupcakes.

But Mistura, is not just food, it is also culinary culture.

Mistura has the opportunity to be a great window into the food culture, so this year under the logo; “Eeat delicious, eat healthy, eat Peruvian” offers master courses and lectures on Peruvian products and their importance in nutrition.

Mistura also promotes cooking as a means of personal development, for this reason, makes contests among cooking students, such as “the best cevichero” or “the best baker”.

Finally, Mistura, also welcomes producers.

This year, Mistura housed 200 small family farmers of different regions of the country who had the opportunity to show the richness and potential of their land.


 So, are you coming to Mistura next year ?

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