Miraflores, a lovely neighborhood


Are you planning to visit Lima, and don’t know which area to stay? Do you want to be in an area where you can walk safely? Do you want to be close to shopping centers, restaurants, parks and beaches? Then you must stay in Miraflores, a lovely neighborhood.

Miraflores has been recognized as a major tourist destination. Its history can be traced from the oldest remains found in the archaeological site of Huaca Pucllana, ancient ceremonial center of the Lima Culture, to modern times.

Larcomar1Its architectural lines are joined by the charm of stately old mansions and villas that speak of the splendor of its past. It also has modern shopping malls, clubs and restaurants offering specialties of national and international cuisine.

Miraflores has upscale hotels, craft shops, art galleries, theaters and recreational centers of various kinds.

To admire the coastline miraflorino, there are seawalls and natural viewpoints from which you can appreciate beautiful sunsets and the majesty and vastness of the sea. The accompanying show is the beauty of its large parks adorned with a great diversity and colorful flowers that invite you to explore them and enjoy them in pleasant walks.

Miraflores is also well-known for its nightlife as they open their doors after the sundown, featuring varieties of shows, such as clubs, nightclubs, theaters, cinemas, bars, etc. An important cultural activity is also manifested in public places.

The Kennedy Park

Kennedy Park 1It can be described as the emblem of Miraflores.  The Kennedy Park has in the center a round plaza with seating. During the day is a resting place for the public, and in the evenings, it is used by craft vendors.

It also has a roundabout to the public and Granda Chabuca Amphitheater, which hosts various cultural events. Thus, we have developed a concept of open cultural center that encourages social dynamics and has become a lively and rich urban space activities, art scene and recreation.

The Painters passage deserves separate attention. In it you can see various works by Peruvian artists of different artistic techniques, the permanent exhibition and sale are a tourist attraction.

Another tradition is to enjoy the delicious desserts Lima,  they are located in very attractive and well-conditioned trolleys inside the park.

Church of Virgen Milagrosa

Miraflores ChurchThe Church is located besides the Kennedy Park and the City Hall, it stands in the same place where the old parish called San Miguel de Miraflores was. The architectural work was entrusted to architect Ricardo Jaxa Malachoswski and it was completed in 1939.

Miraflores City Hall

Miraflores City HallThe work belongs to the architect Luis Miró Quesada Garland. The neo colonial style building has four floors of offices and environments for customer service.

Larcomar Shopping Center

Larcomar2Larcomar is considered the best tourist and entertainment center in Lima. It offers tourists the best alternative for shopping, culture, entertainment and high quality services. It has 12 cinemas, a modern theater, restaurants, cafés, bars, and clubs, bowling and electronic games, plus over 80 shops with clothing, jewelry, outdoors, fashion and crafts.


Miraflores is an upscale district for being very close to the sea. It has a coastline of about 5 kilometers, along whith eight beautiful beaches of the Costa Verde.

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