Lima City Tour by Night

Do you have a free night in Lima and have no idea what to do? Would you like to visit Lima downtown at night? Do you want to know the water fountains of Lima? Would you like to have fun trying to chase the water? So this option is for you.

There is a tour offered in Lima called: “City tour by night & fountains”, which offers a panoramic tour of the city in a 2 story bus that goes from Miraflores, to downtown Lima, and includes one stop: the Magic Circuit of Water.

The Magic Circuit of Water

Water Fountain 1

It is s a complex located next to the national stadium, that includes 13 fountains full of light, water and color, where the laser effects and music are mixed to offer magic, fantasy, relax and fun.

Opened in 2007, the park has become one of the favorite places for peruvian families who take their children to play in the fountains. There is one in particular that allows people to come in and try to “guess” where the water will come from ……. obviously, everyone end up wet!

Finally, there is a video of music and color, projected on a water screen …. . yes, a screen made of water is used to project a show of typical dances of the country.

City Tour by Night

San Francisco 2After the visit to the water park, the tour continues heading downtown Lima, the first visit is to the Plaza San Martin, and then to the Plaza de Armas, where you can see the most important monuments of the city, like the Government Palace, the Cathedral, the Archbishop’s Palace and the Lima City Hall, illuminated, showing a different side of our city.

For security reasons, you are not allowed to get off the bus, because at that time, it is not safe to walk through downtown Lima, that is why, this is a good option to know the city at night safely.

Throughout the tour, you will be assisted by a guide, who will explain you the places where the bus passes, and in the water park, he will walk with a luminous sign, so it will be easy for you to follow him. The guide will make his explanation is english and spanish.

Where to buy?

Water Fountain 3
There are two companies that offer this tour :

Mirabus : Departs from the Miraflores Central Park at 7:00 pm , the bus is red , and the cost is S/.65 p / person. The tour is 3 ½ hours and offers a snack served at the Hotel Sheraton.

Turisbus : Departs from Larcomar shopping center at 7:00 pm , the bus is yellow and the cost is S / 60 p / person. The tour is 3 hours and offers a boxed snack served on the same bus.

In both cases, tickets can be purchased at the departure points, and the cost of the ticket includes admission to the Magic Circuit of Water.

  • Bring a jacket with yoy, as in the second floor of the bus is windy
  • If you plan to “play” with water, take an extra t-shirt and a towel!

I hope you enjoyed the post and if you have any question just leave a comment below.

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