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The department of Lambayeque is located on the north coast of Peru. Although most of the region is located in the desert, it does have other ecosystems, like the dry forest and the coastal “yungas” (tropical valleys).

This is the land of the kings that ruled the north of Peru centuries ago, one of whom has returned from the past: the Lord of Sipán. There are also other significant archaeological sites to explore, such as Sicán, Túcume and Chotuna, as well as state-of-the-art museums with priceless collections.

Lambayeque also has beaches, like the balneario de Pimentel, nature, in the form of the Pómac forest and the Chaparrí reserve, and an excellent gastronomic tradition that is embedded in the DNA of its people.

The main attractions in Lambayeque are:

Huaca Rajada, Lord of Sipán Archaeological Complex

In 1987, a tomb was discovered containing the intact remains of a member of the Moche royalty, the Lord of Sipán. The discovery revealed the ritual and tributes received in the tomb of a Moche ruler, who was accompanied by by a warrior, a priest, two women, a child, a dog, a llama and a guardian with amputated feet.

Sipán Royal Tombs National Museum

The site, an example of modern architecture, is home to an archaeological collection of gold, silver and copper objects, retrieved from the tomb of the Lord of Sipán. Its collection includes, ear ornaments, ceremonial sceptres, medallions, a circular solid gold ingot, nose rings, gold peanut-shaped necklaces, a gold headdress, golden eyes, a golden helmet and a chin.

Sicán National Museum

The exhibition compiles the objects discovered in excavations of the Batán Grande site and shows how they were used or made. The aim is to present different aspects linked to the Sicán culture, through the representation of details of domestic life, building processes and productive work.

Monsefú Handicraft Market

Monsefú is an area known for its cotton, thread and straw weaving (hats, baskets, bags and saddlebags). The area is also famous for its embroidery, which even included gold or silver thread. Delicate napkins, tablecloths, blouses, skirts, ponchos and embroidered cloaks can be purchased here.

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