How to Travel to Cusco ?

Cathedral in Cusco, Peru
From Lima:

By air: There are many options here as the 4 airlines operating domestic flights in Peru have at least 2 daily flights to Cusco. Pros: Quick and easy, Cons: Can be expensive. You can check the post How to Choose the Perfect Domestic Flight in Peru for more details.

By bus: The journey to Cusco by road takes about 21 hours. Pros: Inexpensive. Cons: Takes longer, you must be patient.

From Puno:

By air: The flight Puno – Cusco lasts 45 minutes (note that the nearest airport to Puno is in Juliaca). Pros. Fast and easy. Cons: expensive and the opportunity to enjoy the scenery en route is lost.

By direct bus: The journey takes 6 hours and you can choose between a comfortable bus and a public bus, it all depends on your budget. Pros: Economic, faster. Cons: You can not enjoy the scenery or the touristic stops on the route.

By touristic bus: The journey takes 8 hours, it stops in some touristic places along the route. Pros: You can visit the sights of the route, keep in mind that you have to pay entrance fees at each site (not expensive). Cons. It is more expensive, it takes longer.

By train: It is the best option to enjoy the scenery. It takes more than 10 hours. Pros: You can enjoy the beautiful scenery. Cons: It is expensive, takes longer and do not have daily departures.

From Arequipa:

By air: The flight takes 45 minutes. Pros: Quick and easy. Cons: Expensive

By bus: The journey takes 9 hours 45 minutes. Pros: Inexpensive. Cons: Takes longer

From Puerto Maldonado:

By air: The flight takes 45 minutes.Pros: Quick and easy. Cons: Expensive

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From La Paz – Bolivia

By air: There is one Bolivian airline that runs this route. The flight takes 1 hour. Pros. Fast and easy. Cons: Expensive, do not have daily departures.

If you want to go to Cusco from another city im Peru, go to any of the cities that are described above. For example, if you are in Piura (northern Peru), go to Lima first, and follow the instructions. The same if you are in Iquitos (Jungle). If you are in Nasca or Tacna, go to Arequipa first, and so on.

Which one do you prefer?

Hope you like this post, if you have any questions, please let me know and I will be happy to contact you.

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