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Citizens of these countries need a visa to enter Peru:

Central America & Caribe:  Costa Rica, Cuba,  El Salvador,  Guatemala,  Haití,  Honduras, Nicaragua, and Rep Dominicana

Africa: All countries

Asia:  Afganistán, Saudi Arabia, Bangladesh, Bahreín, Camboya, Kuwait, Líbano. Maldivas, Mongolia, Myanmar, Nepal, Qatar, Paksitan, Laos, Sri Lanka, Siria, Tayikstan, Timor, Turkmenistan, Uzbekistán, Vietnam and Yemen

Europe: Albania, Armenia, Azerbayán, Bosnia and Georgia

To see the complete list, you can visit: Visas Requirements

SouthAmerica:  Citizens of these countries do not need even a passport to enter Peru, they only need to carry their national identity document:

Agentina, Bolivia, Brasil, Colombia, Chile, Ecuador, Paraguay, Venezuela and Uruguay.


Although it is not compulsory any vaccine, if you are visiting the jungle it is highly recommended to apply the yellow fever vaccine. It should be applied 10 days prior to your travel.

Travel Insurance

Like vaccinations, travel insurance is not a legal requirement, but it is highly advisable to buy one before you leave home. Peru is a country with many health risks: in the coast, you may become sick because of the food or the water. In the highlands, you should be careful with altitude sickness and in the jungle, there are diseases such as yellow fever or malaria. For these reasons, we recommend to buy a travel insurance.

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The weather in Peru is varies depending on the region you are visiting:

Region Cities Description
North Coast Piura, Tumbes High tempertures and sunshine almost all the year
Central & South Coast Lima, Ica, Nazca Arid, with no rain, humid and cloudy between may and december
Highlands Cusco, Arequipa, Puno Heavy rains between december and march. Very cold between june and august
Jungle Iquitos, Tambopata High temperatures,rainy and humid

Peru’s currency is the “Nuevo Sol”, commonly known as Sol ( S/ )

Notes S/ 200 S/ 100 S/ 50 S/ 20 S/ 10
Coins S/ 5 S/ 2 S/ 1 S/ 0.50 S/ 0.20 S/ 0.10

The exchange rate is 1 US$ = 2.80 Soles S/

National Holidays

The calendar of National Holidays for 2014 is:

Jan 1 New Year
Apr 17-20 Holly Week
May 1 Labour Day
Jun 29 St Peter & St Paul
Jul 28 – 29 Independence Day
Aug 30 Sta Rosa de Lima
Oct 8 Angamos Battle
Nov 1 All Saints Day
Dec 8 Inmaculate Mary
Dec 25 Christmas

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