Do you need mobile internet while you are visiting Peru?

Internet Access

In these days, when everyone needs to be connected, it is important to have access to internet, and if it is using your own phone…. much better.

It is very easy to buy a SIM card in Peru, just go to any sales point of Claro or Movistar, show your passport and pay S/. 15 soles (US$ 5.4).

But…..note that there are some considerations you need to know before doing this:

1. Your phone should be unlocked, so that the SIM card of any carrier can work.

2. Make sure that your phone uses the band used in Peru:

    •  2G: 850 and 1900 MHz
    • 3G: 850 MHz
    • 4G: 1700 / 2100 MHz (only available in certain districts of Lima by Movistar)

Sales points are everywhere, I’m sure you will find one without looking for it! There are kiosks at most of the supermarkets in Lima. In other cities as Cusco or Puno, you will find them at the most commercial avenues, such as Av El Sol in Cusco, or Av Lima in Puno. Just look for the logos.


After you bought the SIM card, you need to charge it, so you can start using it, the calling cards start from S/ 3 and go up to S/5, S/10, S/15, S/20, etc. The amount of your charge depends on your needs.

To give you an idea, local calls cost S/. 0.5 p/minute and local sms cost S/0.10

Data packages for internet cost:

  • 5 days – 200 MB – S/ 10
  • 10 days – 700 MB – S/ 35
  • 15 days – 1,500 MB – S/ 69
  • 30 days – 3,000 MB – S/ 119

Source: www.claro,

  • 7 days – 20 MB – S/ 3
  • 7 days – 50 MB – S/ 6
  • 10 days – 90 MB – S/ 10
  • 30 days – 330 MB – S/ 30


(US$ 1 = S/ 2.80)

The days – MB combination means you can use the MB within the days of the plan, if you don’t finish the MB in those days, you will lose them.


  • There are some areas of Peru that are not covered by mobile signal (calls or data), for example the amazon jungle.
  • You may experience some problems with the signal if you are in a place surrounded by mountains.
  • There are some areas that are not covered to the 3G network, so your internet will be slow.
  • The 4G network is new and only covers certain districts of Lima.
  • The prices are referential, as they change constantly; I suggest checking them in the web page of the carrier.

Other Option

If you are planning a longer visit to Peru, and your main destination is Lima, you may opt for another option: OLO

OLO provides a 4G mobile router that allows you to connect up to 5 devices, and you can take it wherever you go. The problem is that only works in Lima.

You should buy the router: S/199 (US $ 72) and charge it with plans of unlimited data transfer:

  • 1 MB speed x 30 days: S/ 99
  • 5 MB speed x 30 days: S/ 129
  • 7 MB speed x 30 days: S/ 149

This option is perfect for business travellers.

I hope you find this post useful and good luck in planning your trip to Peru. If you have any question, just leave me a message.

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