3 Ways to make a Cusco City Tour

Inca Wall in SAQSAYWAMAN, Peru

Do you want to know which attractions can you find in city of Cusco? Would you like to know the city and do not know how? Come with me to find out …..

# 1: Traditional City Tour
Koricancha Temple


The traditional city tour takes about 4 hours. You will be on a bus with a guide and a group of people who like you, want to know the city. In this tour besides the panoramic view of the city, you will visit the Cathedral, the Koricancha Temple, the ruins of Sacsayhuamán and some other places like Kenko, Pucapukara and Tambomachay .

I cannot  give the price of the tour, because there are many options, you can go in a large group (30 people) in a smaller group (15 persons ) or you can take a private tour.

The shared services are given only in English or Spanish , at the time of your reservation you will be asked which language you prefer to assign you to the appropriate group.  If you want a guide in another language you have to ask for a private tour.

The tour usually starts in the afternoon, the bus will pick up you from your hotel at  1:30 – 1:45 pm.

The BTG or General Tourist ticket is a ticket that allows you to enter various places, if you do only city tour you can buy ½ BTG , but if you plan to go to the Sacred Valley, you better buy the full BTG. Each time you go in to a site , they will mark your entry , so you cannot enter that place again.

For this tour you need the following entrance tickets:

Ticket Adult (S/) Adult (US$) Student (S/) Student (US$) Place of Purchase
BTG S/ 130 $ 46.50 S/ 70 $ 25 Av El Sol 103 of 102
½ BTG S/ 70 $ 25  —- —– Av El Sol 103 of 102
Cathedral S/ 25 $ 9 S/ 12 $ 4 Front Door
Koricancha S/ 10 $ 3.50 S/ 5 $ 2 Front Door

  • To apply to the student ticket, you must be under 25 and hold an ISIC card
  • Full BTG lasts 10 days
  • ½ BTG lasts  1 day
  • The rates are set in soles, the exchange rate considered in the chart is 2.8. I recommend you to check the ER when making your purchase.


- If you want to make the city tour in the afternoon of the same day of your arrival to Cusco, you need to have a light lunch, as the combination of flight fatigue and altitude can affect your health.

- Always carry warm clothes, it is common that passengers forget his coat, as the tour starts at a time of radiant sun, but at 5 when the sun goes down, you will feel cold.

# 2 Sightseeing Tour

Sightseeing bus CuscoThis year there is a new service with double decker buses offering a sightseeing tour, it takes 1 hour and a half and walks you through the most emblematic places of the city. Remember that it is a panoramic tour, so you won´t enter any attraction as in the previous option. It only makes a 10 minutes stop at the White Christ and passes very close Sacsayhuamán so you can take some pictures.

The guide will make the explanation in Spanish and if there are passengers who speak English, he will also make it in English.

It is a good option if you do not have much time, or if you are traveling with children who cannot be 4 hours in a tour. The price is S / 20 ( $ 7.20) and you can see the buses going around  the main square. There are two companies that do this tour, one is a yellow bus and the other is red.


- Bring waterproof clothing or a rain coat, because the 2nd floor of the bus has no roof, also carry a sun block, or you can get burned in the sun ( as happened to me!! )

- Try to sit on the left side of the bus, you will get better view.

# 3 Explore the city on your own

Sacsayhuaman SignThere is always the option to explore the city on your own, with a good guide and a map. In this way you can choose the places that you like to visit and stay in them the amount of time you want.

For example, you can visit the Cathedral in the morning (6 -10am) that don’t need to pay entrance fee, because they are mass schedule. Of course you have to respect the ceremony and make the visit in silence.

Finally, if you have enough time, you can do the 3 ways! First you do the panoramic tour, then the traditional city tour and if you missed something you visit it on your own ........

I hope you enjoyed the post, if you have any further questions do not hesitate to ask. Also if you already made the tour, let me know what you think and if you found the post useful.

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  1. Sacsayhuaman never ceases to impress me. Some of those rocks weigh more than a modern tank and it is said that the fortress had towers as well…
    I can only try to imagine what it once looked like…

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