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The constitutional Province of Callao, was founded in August 20, 1936. All commerce and people visiting Peru should pass through it, as the Jorge Chavez International airport and the Port of Callao are located here.

El Callao has mansions with pretty balconies, museum, churches and the Real Felipe fortress, that resisted wars and pirate attacks. Beside its tradition, in Callao you can also enjoy the nature at the Palomino and San Lorenzo islands and beaches.

The main attractions in Callao are:

Real Felipe Fortress

It was built in 1747 with the design of the french Luis Godin. It was one of the most important fortresses of America as it protected the capital city from pirate attacks.

Palomino,  San Lorenzo & Frontón Islands

From the docks of La Punta and Callao, you can access to the islands:

  • The Palomino islands are 2 islands: the first one has a lot of wildlife, which includes the South American sea lions; some of these specimens weigh about 300 kilograms. The second island is a shelter for the sick and old animals, so it is known as “The Hospital”.
  • San Lorenzo island. It is the largest and highest in Peru. It is 8 km long and 2.2 km wide. It played the important economic role of supporting the ancient peoples settled on the coasts of Callao.
  • Frontón Island. It served as a political prison during colonial times and the early phase of the republican period. Among those imprisoned there was Viceroy Blasco Núñez de Vela, who was deposed in 1544. Later it served as a prison for common criminals
Abtao Naval Submarine Museum

Visitors can explore six of the submarine’s rooms: the torpedo room, the prow battery, the command station, the aft battery, and the machine/engine room.

Source: PromPeru

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