About Peru

Peru Map1. Where is Peru?

Peru is located in South America. It borders Ecuador, Colombia, Brazil, Bolivia, Chile and the Pacific Ocean.

2. What is the area of Peru?

Peru has an area of 1’285,215 km2 (496,225 sq mi). It is the third largest country in South America.

3. Does Peru have a flat territory?

No, Peru has a territory with many landscapes due to its geographical conditions, allowing a great diversity of natural resources. Normally, the country is divided in regions according to its altitude: Costa, besides de Pacific Ocean; Sierra, beside the Andes Mountains and jungle, located near the Amazon River basin.

4. How is the weather in Peru?

The climate varies according to the region:

Costa: You can have a temperate climate, not too cold or hot, but very humid. Intense fog gives a feeling of cold in winter.

  • North Coast: It’s hot most of the year, with a rainy season between November and December.
  • Central and South Coast: They have 2 different seasons, winter from June to November and summer between January and May.

Sierra: Here the climate is more severe than on the coast. During the day it is very hot, but at night it is very cold. Between November and March you can find abundant rainfall.

Selva: It is quite hot and humid throughout the year. You can find lots of rains between November and March; and little rainfall between April and October.

5. How the Peruvian government organized?

The Peruvian state is organized into 3 independent divisions:

  •  Executive: Formed by the President and his ministers.
  •  Legislature: Formed by 130 congressmen organized into a single camera.
  • Judiciary: Is responsible for executing the laws enacted by the legislature.

The President and all 130 congressmen are elected by universal and compulsory vote every 5 years.

6. How is the current economy in Peru?

Peru is the country with the highest annual growth in South America, now considered one of the leaders in the region.

7. What are the main economic activities of Peru?

The main activities are: mining, agriculture, fishing, construction, garments, trade and tourism.

8. What is the population of Peru ?

According to the projection of the census conducted in 2013, in Peru there are 29’849,000 inhabitants.

9. Which religions are practiced in Peru?

The main religion is Roman Catholic (81.3%), followed by Protestant (12.5%)

10. Which language is spoken in Peru?

The official language is Spanish, spoken by almost everyone in the country. Other languages are Quechua and Aymara. In most tourist attractions you will find English speakers.

11. Which are the most popular sports in Peru?

The main sports in Peru are:

  • Futbol or Soccer – Definitely the most popular sport in the country, but the one with the least achievements. The last time Peru went to a FIFA world cup was in 1982.
  • Volleyball – Is the sport that has brought more victories to the country. The women’s team achieved many South American Championships and a 2nd place in the Olympics.
  • Surf – Although it is new sport, Peru has one world champion: Sofia Mulanovich.