3 Museums that you must Visit in Arequipa

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We recommend you 3 museums that you should not miss in Arequipa.

#1 Museum and Convent of la Recoleta

La Recoleta - ArequipaThe Franciscan monastery was founded in 1648 and opened to the public since 1978. Its architecture is very varied, as it has had to be rebuilt on several occasions by the damage caused by the earthquakes, the current church dates from 1940.

It houses the following museums:

  • Archaeological and Anthropological Museum has ceramics, weaving, mummies, and a collection of portraits of the Incas. It also has clothes and various objects of the Amazon jungle.
  • Museum of natural history contains stuffed animals of the Amazon jungle.
  • Museum of religious art contains ornaments, pictures, and paintings, tapestries, etc.
  • The Art Gallery shows paintings from the Cusqueñan and Arequipeñan Schools.
  • The Library contains approximately 20,000 volumes, as well as maps and documents (the oldest from 1494 and the more recent 1980). It not only preserves a collection of religious books, but there are also books on science, history, literature and the arts. It also owns many manuscripts, diaries and newspapers.

Address: Calle Recoleta 117
Entrance fee: Adults S/ 10, Students S/5

#2 Andean Sanctuaries Museum

Momia JuanitaIt exposes artifacts and objects that have an approximate age of 550 years and correspond to the Inca culture.

The most important point of the museum is the exposure of the Juanita Mummy in her trousseau.

Juanita was found in the crater of the volcano Ampato in 1995. The volcano located at 6380 masl protected Juanita for 550 years, which at the time of her death should be between 12 to 14 years old.  She was offered by the Inca priests of that time and was discovered by the eruption of the volcano Sabancaya.

The rituals say that the girl traveled to Cusco accompanied by a royal court of the region, and in Cusco was received by the Inca in person, who transmitted her divinity. From that moment on, she assumed the reality of her death and the contact with the gods of the mountain, where she would be offered in a voyage of no return toward the Godhead.

Address: Calle La Merced 110
Entrance fee: Adults S/ 20, Students S/ 10

#3 Museum Jose Villalobos Ampuero

Hera StatueThe Museum is owned by Jose Villalobos Ampuero, doctor and former mayor of Arequipa, known as the doctor of the poor for his vocation of aid to those most in need.

It is a good option if you want to see something different than churches, pre-colombian art or relics from the Inca era. This is a museum dedicated to the art of the Belle Epoque.

The museum is divided into 8 principal environments where they are exposed and delicately fine relics originating in France, Italy, England, Austria and China, many of them of the 17th and 18th century. Replicas of the statue of Hera, the legitimate wife of Zeus, carved from a single piece of marble and one of the 7 existing in the world, objects of porcelain Rosenthal 1878, vases of the Ming dynasty create a fantastic feeling to the visitor.

Address: Calle Alvarez Thomas 206
Entrance fee: Adults S/ 30, Students S/ 15


And of course, you cannot miss the Santa Catalina Monastery; I have not included it in this post, because I will address it in the next one… …

I hope you liked the post and that you enjoy your stay in Arequipa – if you have any question leave me a comment below.

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